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Period Underwear

Period Underwear

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Juniper period underwear is a reusable substitute for pads and tampons that was designed for the menstruator's convenience.
It can be used alone as a go-to period product, or in combination with the period cup for the most convenience in any situation.
Juniper period underwear also comes with a reusable cotton bag for easy-access, especially when out and about!
Directions of Use:
1. The underwear is worn for 4-12hours depending on period flow
2. The underwear is rinsed using cold water until the water runs clear
3. The underwear is added to the laundry, washed cold, with no fabric softener, and is only hung dry, to maintain it better.
Key Properties:
Reusable, sustainable, odorless, comfortable
Suitable for use during night time, offers full coverage.

85% cotton, 10% polyurethane, 5% elastane
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