Our Story

MATCHA & MASCARA is a mission-focused, multi-brand online shop dedicated to healthy beauty. From its beginnings with just one brand in 2020, it has grown to feature over 30 brands by 2024. To help you uncover your best self, we have curated a range of natural and effective beauty products, ensuring you feel safe and confident in your choices.

Maria Farah
Maria Farah, the visionary behind MATCHA & MASCARA, redefined the concept of beauty following a breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 28. She uses her platform to promote healthy beauty practices, emphasizing holistic living from skincare to nutrition. Her brand merges health and beauty, offering natural products and advocating self-care. With a dedicated following, Maria's influence extends to skincare choices and wellness habits. Her advocacy for safe, natural beauty inspires others to prioritize self-care and adopt healthier beauty practices.