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Menstrual Cup

Menstrual Cup

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Junicup - Our menstrual cup is available in 3 sizes as follows

 Sprout: The size for teenagers who just started having their period or for petite girls.

 Juni: The size for most young women who have not had a full term pregnancy.

 Berry: The size for women who have had a long term pregnancy.

Product Description:

Menstrual cups are a reusable, hypoallergenic substitute for pads and tampons.

The sanitary product that will allow you to enjoy a more comfortable and care-free period experience.

Directions of Use:

The cup is sterilized in boiling water for 3-5mins before each cycle.

  1. Insertion: The cup is then inserted using a preferred fold (C-fold, punch-down fold, seven fold, etc...)
  2. Each 8-12 hours (depending on flow) the cup is taken out, emptied, and rinsed with cold water then hot water.
  3. The cup is then re-inserted (like in step 1) and these steps are repeated until menstruation is over.

Key Properties:

Hypoallergenic, reusable, eco-friendly, comfortable

Suitable for use during night time, for camping, exercising, and swimming.


Medical Grade Silicon

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