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Rose Water Face Mist

Rose Water Face Mist

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Give your skin a dewy, illuminated flow for an instant refreshing boost! Elevate your skincare routine with the power of nature's beauty, and indulge in the essence of blooming roses. The rose water gently calms and soothes the face. Spary it and experience a refreshing boost to your face's moisture level. Rose water aids in clarifying the skin, promoting a clearer more nourished  complexion. 

How to use:

  • Direct application : Spray directly on your face, avoiding eyes and mouth.
  • Cotton application : Use it on a cotton pad to apply it as a toner or cleanser. 
  • Water Substitute : Use it morning and evening as a replacement for water during your skincare routine 
  • A refresher : Refresh your skin during the day or in high-stress periods. 

Net weight 125mL

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