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Mission natural launched in June 2021, introducing an all natural deodorant that was the fruit of personal experience as well as a wake up call to make a change. 
Our mission is to help you make that smooth shift from a commercial antiperspirant to an Aluminum free deodorant that respects your lymph nodes as well as assist teenagers in choosing wisely the natural approach as their first experience.
We make sure to spread the philosophy of clean beauty in your daily routines therefore we handcrafted a versatile lip balm, a rich balm that can protect lips, nose, cuticles..etc 

We constantly strive to convert as many people to all natural products, using our platform to promote local artisans' products that can improve the quality of life.
We strongly believe in an eco-friendly sustainable lifestyle and our responsibility to respect nature and help preserve its natural resources.
Our containers are eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable, we normalize a minimum packaging and wrapping.

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