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Skintelligence Regenerating Day Cream, Anti-aging

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Innovation from Talika Research, SKINTELLIGENCE is the facial skincare range aimed at strengthening the natural intelligence of your skin.

Your skin has had original intelligence ever since you were born due to a close relationship with its microbiome, a flora of beneficial microorganisms that protects it from unwanted microbes and stimulates the skin's defences. The cutaneous microbiome is essential to the preservation of your skin's health and beauty.

SKINTELLIGENCE ANTI-AGE takes care of the microbiome by providing prebiotics: specific food of good bacteria.
Thanks to SKINTELLIGENCE ANTI-AGE, your skin can defend itself and regenerate more effectively when faced with external aggressions. Skin is visibly more beautiful and radiant.

The Regenerating Day Cream helps give skin a new glow, with smooth, firmer, rejuvenated skin. This cream helps to revive the brightness of your complexion. As well as its anti-aging properties, it also takes care of the microbiome, strengthening the skin's natural defenses while protecting it from external aggressions. Suitable for all skin types.

After 1-day use, 92% are satisfied* .
After 7-day use** , skin is:
• Smoother: 81%
After 28-day use*** :
• Healthier looking: 86%
• Homogeneous complexion: 83%
*Satisfaction test – 91 volunteers – after 1-day use - % expressed
**Satisfaction test – 90 volunteers – after 7-day use - % expressed
***Satisfaction test – 88 volunteers – after 28-day use - % expressed

On perfectly cleansed skin, apply morning to the entire face and neck.
Complete your anti-aging routine with regenerating night cream and Regenerating Serum for firm, protected and rebalanced skin.

Hyalubiome (Chlorella Vulgaris green microalgae prebiotics)
Peptides expert, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, Adenosine, Aloe vera, Olive squalane
Anti-pollution polysaccharide
92% ingredients of natural origin

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