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TALIKA - Pigment Control, Cosmetic Device

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Talika anti-stain and dark spots cosmetic device from Light Therapy.

Brighten visibly stains, homogenizes the complexion. Combines 3 cosmetic technologies (Light Therapy, ionotherapy, micro-vibrations) to lighten the brown spots locally.
Green light (525 nm) regulates the anarchic synthesis of melanin to visibly reduce the intensity and surface of the spots on the face, hands and cleavage.
The ionotherapy function increases skin permeability to improve the penetration and effectiveness of active lightening creams.
Micro-vibrations stimulate local microcirculation and cellular exchange.

Inspired by NASA’s work, Pigment Control is the 1st Light Therapy anti-aging cosmetic instrument to target skin spots locally, Pigment Control’s ultra-targeted action quickly takes back control over dark spots on the face, hands and neckline. After 30 days, the pigmentation of dark spots decreases by up to 44%.

From 30 days*: reduced pigmentation up to 44% (average overall value: -27%).
*Clinical test, 30 subjects, mean value 10 subjects

1 minute every morning & evening in a 28 day-cure minimum.
Not recommended for people with metal contact allergy (nickel).

Technology: green wavelength (525 nm), ionotherapy, micro-vibration.

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