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TALIKA - Free Skin, Cosmetic Device

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Talika anti-imperfections cosmetic device from Light Therapy.

Reduces and accelerates the disappearance of skin imperfections, antibacterial, matifying, regenerating and anti-redness effects.
The blue light (440 nm) is antibacterial and regulates excess sebum. The red light (630nm) is soothing the skin, reduces redness and enhances skin regeneration for a rapid disappearance of imperfections, leaving no trace.

Inspired by NASA’s work, Free Skin is a Light Therapy cosmetic instrument that is incredibly effective on “problem skin”: acne-related blemishes, shine and redness have no power against it! Free Skin’s targeted action yields healthier skin in just seven days

From 7 days: less visible imperfections (satisfaction: 78%) *, less brilliance (measured effectiveness: -14%) ** and less redness (measured efficacy -27%) ***.
*Usage test, 37 subjects, % satisfaction / ** Usage test, 36 subjects / *** Usage test, 8 subjects

To use 3 times, 2 minutes per day.
Can be used with or without cosmetic care for anti-imperfections.

Technology: 2 wave lengths (blue 440 nm, red 630 nm).

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