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TALIKA - Eye Decompress

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Inspired by Asian relaxation rituals, Eye Decompress is an exclusive 10-minute regime that promotes deep relaxation internally for the mind and externally for the eyes. It pairs a soothing, anti-aging, anti-dark circles, compressed mask for the eye contour with a 10-minute relaxation podcast, for mental recentring and relaxation. After 10 minutes*, the eye contour is relaxed (97%), less tired (94%), decongested (93%), smoother (91%). The mind is relaxed: 96% of users felt relaxed.
Compact and easy to use, Eye Decompress slips into a pocket or a handbag to be used any time any place, as needed. It’s a ‘time out’ treatment away from stress and pollution.

In 10 minutes*: the eye contour is visibly smoother, plumper and better hydrated. Dark circles and bags appear reduced. Eased and recentred mind.
*Satisfaction test - 65 volunteers - % expressed


Ultra-compact for mobile use. Squeeze the capsule filled with lotion, let the compressed mask soak in, deploy it over the eye area.

Relaxation podcast to download from:

Japanese rose petals, aescin, anti-pollution botanical film, chamomile and cornflower toners.
99% natural ingredients.
Dermatologically tested.

Net weight
Box of 6 patches