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Swimbobo Baby'Swimming Collar

Swimbobo Baby'Swimming Collar

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Swimbobo Baby's swimming collar is adjustable to prevent water choking Color: blue, pink 
Size: inner circle diameter M/ 8.5cm, the inner circle circumference 29CM, suitable for 1-12 months babies
 Inner circle diameter L/ 9.5cm, inner circle circumference 29CM, suitable for 1-18 months of infants 
Material: PVC, common material or environmental protection 6P material (no phthalates, in line with European EN71 safety standard, CE certificate and CPC certificate) 
Function: The product material safety bag, smooth edge, soft Q elastic, will not scratch the baby's skin.
The air leakage nozzle is thickened and the anti-slip handle is firm so that parents can accompany their children to play. 
In the play, feelings and tacit understanding are increased, the baby is better protected, the parents are more assured, the baby can follow the chase, the baby can exercise its crawling ability, and bring the baby a cool summer. Packing includes: swimming ring + free inflate

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