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Eyebrow Conditioner

Eyebrow Conditioner

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This award-winning eyebrow serum is made up of our proprietary blend featuring a scientifically-advanced technology. Our unique BioPeptin Complex® includes peptides, lipids, biotin, and green tea extract, rich in Panthenol, which condition and strengthen brows to protect against breakage, while improving flexibility and shine, resulting in more beautiful looking eyebrows. 

What It Is: Physician developed eyebrow conditioner
created to address visible signs of eyebrow aging due
to chemical and environmental stressors, over-grooming
and styling products, leading to healthier- looking, more
luxurious brows.

x BioPeptin Complex®: Our proprietary technology including
peptides, Biotin, Lipids, and Green Tea Extract rich in
Panthenol, helps condition, strengthen, and soften eyebrows
while defending from breakage and brittleness
x Ginseng & Swertia Japonica: High in anti-oxidants and Vitamin
B, help protect and revitalize
x Calendula: A natural humectant which helps retain moisture
for improved flexibility
x Amino Acids and B Vitamins: Help fortify, smooth,
and condition
Solutions For
x Dull, lackluster brows
x Dry, brittle brows
x Compromised, prematurely aged brows due to environmental
stressors and/or over-grooming

How To Use
PREP: Begin by applying companion product Micellar Water Lash
Wash Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover and let dry completely.
STEP 1: Using our unique, doe-foot applicator, apply once a day to
clean, dry eyebrows with a few short strokes.
STEP 2: Let dry completely before applying additional
beauty products.

BioPeptin Complex®,Ginseng & Swertia Japonica,Calendula,Amino Acids and B Vitamins

Size: 0.101Fl Oz / 3.0 mL (4 months supply)

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