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Coconut Hair & Body Oil

Coconut Hair & Body Oil

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Organic Virgin coconut oil, famous for its natural and delicate coconut aroma and taste, is extracted from the fresh organic coconuts by a cold pressing method. The extraction method ensures that the maximum amount of nutrients is retained in the crystal-clear liquid. Hence, the oil contains large amounts of healthy antioxidants & vitamins and it is regarded as a great source of healthy medium chain fats (MCFA). People across the world use organic virgin coconut oil as a natural moisturizer to nourish skin, for hair-care treatments, to enhance the taste of their curries by using as an ingredient for cooking, and for manufacturing food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. . The oil is certified under organic, its non-GMO and have absolutely zero gluten in it.

Packaged in a 100 ml eco-friendly and reusable glass jar.

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