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Joyce's Handmade

Joyce's Handmade - Rose soap bar

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Joyce's Handmade, Rose soap bar of 180g, is a solid rectangular soap, free of any animal product or chemical scents. It is rich in cold-pressed Extra virgin olive oil that was handpicked during October 2020 in Kousba, North of Lebanon and infused in Rose petals. It smells of sweet flowers, foams well, and leaves the skin moist and clean, use after use.

Instructions & Benefits
Joyce's Handmade, Rose soap bar should be stored in temperatures less than 35C.
It is safe to use on the face , hands and body. The cold-pressed Extra virgin olive oil helps moisten the skin after each use and helps prevent irritation and cracking. Rose petals have benefits that relax the body, reduce stress and sponsor glowing skin.

Olive oil infused in Rose petals

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Product of Lebanon