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Eyebrow Lipocils Platinum

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Inspired by cellular chronobiology research on eyebrows, Liposourcils Platinium is the double-serum pairing a day formula with a night formula that perfectly adapts to the eyebrow’s natural, biological rhythm to maximize growth.
Formulated with a potent Talika concentrate of botanical extracts, (hamamelis, apple, nettle, chestnut, St John’s wort), red leaf clover « multiplier » of lashes, anti-ageing, regenerating peptides and Coleus Forskohlii a natural pigmentation booster; the two serums work in synergy for spectacular results. First results are visible after 14 days and after 28 days brows are thicker (77%), naturally darker (73%).

*Satisfaction test, 24 volunteers, % expressed / ** Satisfaction test, 22 volunteers, % expressed

Visible results after 14 days**.
After 28 days *** stimulated growth (75%), thicker brows(77%), darker (73%).

Morning: Apply the day serum.
Night: Apply the night serum.
Use for 1 to 3 months and repeat every 3 months.

Botanical complex, (hamamelis, apple, nettle, chestnut, St John’s wort) red leaf clover, Coleus Forskohlii, peptides.
94% natural ingredients. Dermatologically tested.
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