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My interest for skincare started when I was young, due to the fact that I suffered from acne and had to go through a lot, psychologically and physically.
My skin has been exposed to many chemicals, each of which is more damaging than the other.
Thus, I decided to go all natural and started using only natural products on my skin, body, and hair.
After 2 years, I decided to start my own small business, creating natural products that are affordable and effective for everyone and for every skin and hair type.

My plant mists are 100% natural. They are created by using steam distillation technique, whereby the water vapor from the plant condenses and is collected into the bottle.

There aren’t any chemicals, additives, nor colors added to my products, which makes them completely safe for use by everyone, including babies!

The bottle’s shelf life is 2 years, thus the product can be stored and used at your convenience.

The only added material is love and care!

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