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Hailing from the village of Kousba, North of Lebanon, the idea to establish a small company entitled Joyce’s Handmade Products arose.
Lebanon has changed considerably within the past two years, and Joyce’s Handmade is our way to adapt.
We rely heavily in production on Kousba’s Organic Extra-Virgin olive oil.
Thereby,  we are selling freshly pressed oil and other olive-tree based products.
Our soap is fully organic. No preserving chemicals or scents added. As it is olive-oil based, it will not greatly foam when used like other, chemically enriched soaps, but will gently cleanse and soften the skin.

We are a small, home-based business that is trying to adapt to our times. Constantly thriving to offer our customers and partners value, through our untampered-with products, quick customer support, and cherish the one on one relationships that make the world go around.

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