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Double Ended Mascara & Primer

Double Ended Mascara & Primer

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Volumizing Primer, Indigo Blue
x Mineral Tint: Depth-defying Indigo Blue shade brightens the eyes and intensifies the depth of the topcoat mascara
xPeptides & Panthenol: Help fortify and condition lashes to
improve flexibility and help prevent breakage
xPolymers & Natural Plant Extracts: Help moisturize lashes and improve shine
x Molded Silicone Brush: Evenly coats and separates lashes creating a wide-eyed look, prepping lashes for mascara application.

Volumizing Mascara, Black
xBiotin & Soft Flex Polymers: Provide buildable, color-intense lash conditioning to strengthen lashes and allow for effortless length and amplification
xWater-Resistant Formula: Stays on throughout the day, but easy to remove with Micellar Water Lash Wash
xVolume Building Hourglass Brush: Defines lashes and
responds to the natural curvature of the lash line delivering the lashes you long for.

Solutions For
xDull, lackluster lashes
x Multiple lash looks
xConvenience and
ease of use

What Else You Need To Know
x Ophthalmologist Reviewed
x Dermatologist Reviewed
x Clinically Tested
x Hypoallergenic
x Oil-Free
x No Parabens
x No Phthalates
x No Fragrance
x No Gluten
x Vegan Friendly
x Cruelty Free
x Made in the U.S.A.

How To Use
PREP: Remove any residual makeup with companion product
Micellar Water Lash Wash to lashes and let dry completely.
STEP 1: Apply Volumizing Primer to lashes beginning at the
base of the eyelash, twirling upward and outward.
STEP 2: Using the same application technique, apply
Volumizing Mascara.
STEP 3: Layer to build length and volume, ensuring product stays
wet as you build.
Tip: Wear Volumizing Primer alone for a trendy, eye popping
“moody blues” makeup look.

x Beauty Launchpad Reader’s Choice Award-Mascara
(5x Winner)

Size: 0.18 Fl Oz / 5.5 mL each

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