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Musk & Amber Hair Mist

Musk & Amber Hair Mist

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Our hair mist stands out from traditional perfumes as it is designed with a gentle and safe approach, free from harsh chemicals and alcohol that can cause dryness and irritation to your hair and scalp. Our expertly crafted formula is specially designed to nourish and protect your hair, while also delivering a delightful fragrance that will linger for hours. One spritz of this irresistible mist and you'll feel empowered to express yourself with its alluring blend of earthy, floral, and sensual notes. Our cruelty-free formula contains a mesmerizing blend of musk and amber, combined with vitamin E, rose water, and aloe vera, to nourish and protect your hair while enhancing your natural beauty.

1.Shake the bottle well before use.
2.Hold the bottle about 6 inches away from your hair.
3.Spray the mist onto your hair, starting from the roots and working your way down to the ends.
4.Allow the mist to dry before styling your hair as desired.

Cruelty free Musk, Amber, Vitamin E, Rose Water and Aloe Vera.

Net weight 60mL

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