Your Summer Skin Checklist

Your Summer Skin Checklist

We change our wardrobes as the seasons change from winter to summer, and we should do the same with our skincare products!

Are you a summer person? I am! Surely though I don’t love the changes to my skin caused by the sudden heat and skyrocketing humidity levels.
Common summer goals: perfect tan, perfect locks & the freshest complexion. So let’s dive in & see what products and ingredients you will need to look for in the summer. 

#1. SPF

Not a single skincare product is more important than sunscreen in the summer. Even if you apply all the right products but you skip this one, your skin will not benefit from any of the products. Apply a suitable sunscreen, with a high UV Index, on all exposed skin, daily & repeatedly every couple of hours depending on exposure – face (neck & ears too), hands, feet and don’t forget your lips!

If you’re like me and you don’t like to apply multiple layers of product on your skin, go for multitaskers such as a this powder foundation with SPF or a Tinted Sunscreen with moisturizing properties.

If you have acne prone skin, opt for a lightweight mineral formula that is less likely to irritate or clog your pores. Like this: 


Heat & humidity mean that you can swap out your heavy cleansers (cream or oil) for a gentler & foamier option.


Your skincare in summer should be generally lighter than that in winter. You don’t go out wearing a coat in summer right? Same idea 😊





Micellar water is another summer staple that you will fall in love with! It’s a triple action super product – makeup remover, cleanser & toner. Not to mention how fresh your face feels afterwards. I personally use micellar water day & night, unless I have a ton of makeup on, then I use a gentle cleanser or a makeup remover towel and follow with micellar water.



In the summer you feel that constant need to be in a well cooled place, so does your skin! Keep a hydrating toner in your purse and freshen up your face throughout the day. Your skin will thank you!

P.S. look for rosewater In your toner – it’s cooling, soothing, anti-inflammatory and It will balance you skin pH which is usually disrupted by the harsh summer conditions.

Here are a few amazing options!





Humidity means your skin is less likely to dry up but you still need to moisturize!

Avoid thick moisturizers as they would lead to clogged pores, inflamed acne and irritated & HOT skin – especially under a mask! Switch to formulas like a lotion or serum rather than a cream.



If you prefer to use less products - as I said before, a lightweight dual action moisturizer + SPF will serve the purpose, as long as you reapply every couple of hours as you would with a regular sunscreen.





Hey scrubbers, good news for you 😊 you can step up your exfoliation game this summer! As our skin gets oilier in the summer, we can exfoliate more than once a week to slough away the summer stress off our skin. But, don’t over exfoliate! Listen to your skin, if it feels irritated it means you’re over doing it.



A home spa for my face? Yes please! You will definitely need these every once in a while, throughout the summer.

I’d suggest once a week, to reset your mind & skin for the coming week. 



We often forget that our lips need as much care as the rest of our face. Apply a lip balm that has SPF, to avoid sun spots and discoloration on your lips, I’ve seen it happen a lot! Exfoliate your lips once a week and apply and reapply lip balm throughout the day especially if you’re on the beach or moving between high & low altitudes.

P.S. licking your lips does not moisturize them!

Browse our collection of amazing lip care products here!



Enough for the face, now our body need loving too 😊 Depending on your skin type you may choose to hydrate your skin with a lotion, butter or an oil. They will all do the job, choose the one you prefer.

Body oils are a divine way of keeping your skin soft & glowing during the summer months. Look for fast-absorbing oils that hydrate & luminate.

Body lotions are ideal for those with a more oily skin type. Same as our face, even if our body skin is also oily we still need to moisturize!

Body butters are a must for anyone who has dry, tight & irritated skin. Get your hands on a deeply nourishing & hydrating body butter to revive your skin & even out its texture.

Choose the product that works for you! I use either an oil or a butter all year long 😊 Check out our large selection of body moisturizers here!



Last but not least and it goes without say, the more your face is protected from the sun the longer the aging process will be delayed. Avoid squinting in the sun & developing frown lines, protect your eyes from the harsh sun, and your head - especially if you have short and/or thin hair.  Style it up with glasses and a hat or a scarf! Sun protection can be stylish too 😉

Stay in the shade as much as possible – you will still get your vitamin D and stay hydrated all day long!



 The list can go on, but these are the most important products. You can find more options as well as hair & kids protection here

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